Maryann And The Tri-tones – Kitten Walk – Rhythm Bomb Records


The Estonian rockabilly band have done it again, releasing a second Album now on Rhythm Bomb Records. Maryann Lants and her band have released a really authentic sounding top notch late 50’s RCAish style album.

They have done particularly well at writing lyrics in english and overall have come up with some pretty damn good original songs ! Its really easy to listen to and is a perfect album to listen to in your car (well anywhere really !! ).

Our favourite track is one called”Love Me Tonight”a  nicely paced song and really shows the style of the band off. “Hold Me Tight”, the first track on the album, comes a close second (Its a great upbeat number).

Our new favourite band !!


Recording Quality (out of ten): 9

Authenticity (out of ten): 10

Songwriting (out of ten): 8

Enjoyment (out of ten): 9

Overall Score (out of 40): 36 

GOLD ALBUM – Website


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