The Best Of : Bopflix

Well as Bopflix has been around longer than us, we thought we’d share what we think are the best Bopflix videos that you might of missed.

Australian rocker Pat Capocci’s “Slave For The Beat”(Press-Tone/Wild) happens to be our favorite song on Bopflix and has a simple yet effective video. He’s also coming over to the UK this year to headline the Rockabilly Rave so well worth checking out.

One of Rhythm Bomb’s ( and now Ruby Records’s) best acts, the uber talented Ruby Ann is the artist featured in this next video. A great little number accompanied by a slick video which truly shows off Chris Magee’s filming and editing skills.

Dynamic duo, the Bonneville Barons take the third spot. They sure kick out a lot of sound for just two members !

Bopflix must be pretty proud of the punchy green screen video. Super classy !!



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