Sharna-Mae And The Mayhems – Love Drunk – Western Star

Yet another great young rockabilly band, Sharna-Mae and The Mayhems burst onto the rockabilly scene, releasing there debut album “Love Drunk” on the top record label, Western Star, to much praise (including famous radio presenter Bob Harris).

Twelve tracks of pure vintage styled music. If you like twangy guitars, powerful vocals, thumping bass and driving drums its well worth a listen. They may be young but they are certainly up to the standard and easily better than many older bands.

The name would suggest they are heavily inspired by Imelda May however from listening there is plenty more different influences in there. A powerful Rockabilly voice with a dash of classic Country.

Pretty cool video too if I do say so !! We also look forward watching them develop into the premier band on the scene !!

Don’t hesitate just buy the album !!!!

Recording Quality (out of ten): 9

Authenticity (out of ten): 8 

Songwriting (out of ten): 7

Enjoyment (out of ten): 9

Overall Score (out of 40) : 33



The Runawayz – I Want You To Know – Bopflix

Just thought we should share this video with you ! Its of the young rockin’ band the Runawayz that have become a favorite on the UK’s Rockabilly scene.

This Bopflix video shows The Runawayz doing what they do best. It may be a cover but the band have truly put there own authentic spin on the classic Fats Domino tune.

Frontman Joe Newbon reminds us of a young Darrel Higham, playing some great guitar licks.


The Palomars – Out Of The Past – Catty Town Records


Our first review is of a fantastic album released by The Palomars on the newly formed Catty Town Records.

The Canadian band from Vancouver have created a masterpiece. Its one of the best records we have heard in a while.A mix of original compositions with some well covered classics thrown in for good measure. Our favourite is the title track “Out Of The Past” with “My Gal Pal” a close second.

The magnificent blend of Western Swing, Rockabilly and Jazz is brought to life by Tom Hammel’s outstanding steel guitar playing.

The recording itself is crystal clear and the production is somewhat reminiscent of a Jive Aces album. The Lyrics are easy to hear and the band is well mixed and a pleasure to listen too.

We look forward to the next release !!! Catty Town and The Palomars have a bright future ahead.


Recording Quality (out of ten): 10

Authenticity (out of ten): 8 

Songwriting (out of ten): 8 

Enjoyment (out of ten): 10

Overall Score (out of 40) : 36  

GOLD ALBUM – Take a look at The Palomars website

Exposed – Vintage Music Blog

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to Exposed the Vintage Music Blog !!

We specialise in reviewing the best new music in vintage styles such as:

  • Rockabilly
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We aim to give our honest opinion on all releases. We want to help give any vintage music fanatic a true idea of whats available.We have created a rating system to help you get an idea of how an album sounds:

It will look like this:

Recording Quality (out of ten):

Authenticity (out of ten):

Songwriting (out of ten):

Enjoyment (out of ten):

Overall Score (out of 40):

35-40 = Gold Award

An outstanding release. Superstar/Superstars of vintage music in our eyes.

30-34 = Silver Award

A great release.

25-29 = Bronze Award

An release worth listening to. Usually up and coming newer acts with a few little problems to iron out.