The Bopflix Sessions: January

Bopflix ( number one Rockabilly film maker :Chris Magee’s channel )has released two brand new Bopflix Sessions videos this month and we couldn’t help ourselves and had to share them with you.

Our favourite has to be Bob And the Bearcats – Hold On Tight, featuring Darrel Higham.



Hold on ! He just released another one by the one and only Pat Capocci ! :


The ReChords – Don’t Know Much – Self Released

Melbourne’s much loved trio The ReChords have released an outstanding single.

A snappy up to date song with real commercial appeal and perfect harmony. Its nice to see progression and modernisation in the Rockabilly scene.

They have the classic style and instrumentation with modern production and writing. We would love to see them continue down this path.

In our opinion completely under rated.

The release is accompanied by a simple yet super effective clean video. – Website

Recording Quality (out of ten): 10 

Authenticity (out of ten): 8

Songwriting (out of ten): 9 

Enjoyment (out of ten): 10 

Overall Score (out of 40): 37