The John Lindberg Trio – Straight From The Heart – New Album Out Now

Since 2006 the John Lindberg Trio from Sweden have released an amazing seven albums. The last four have made it into the top 5 of the Swedish album charts and the band have seen a huge increase in popularity around the globe.

They have recently released a brand new album called: Straight From The Heart  a future Rockabilly classic. They also have a new member of the band with Nathanael Marcusson joining as the bassist!

A thing we certainly like about the band is the fact that they are truly a modern Rockabilly band. JLT are not stuck in the same old rut that many Rockabilly acts fall into and have taken on other influences.

Certainly a band to watch out for !! Some excellent Rockin’ music comes out of Scandinavia. Other names to look out for include The Hub Caps and Joakim Tinderholt.

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